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Everything to Know About Hydraulic Systems in Forklifts

All parts and systems of a forklift serve a purpose in making sure your forklift operates properly and efficiently.


One major component your forklift has is the hydraulic system that makes it so that your equipment is capable of doing heavy work. This system works by pumping pressurized fluid into the machine to give your forklift the capability to do a lot of things.
In this article, let's find out everything there is to know about hydraulic systems in forklifts, from how it works to the nitty-gritty like fixing it and improving its functions.

Part 1: How it Works

We’ve talked about how hydraulic systems use pressurized fluid to give forklifts the strength it needs to carry large packages and items. But where does the pressure of this fluid come from and where does this go within the system?

To start, forklifts must be supplied with either water-based, petroleum-based, or synthetic fluids that will be pressurized by the system’s pump. Once the fluids move inside the pump, it is then passed on to the control valve, which is responsible for which tubing direction the fluid shall go. 

To limit the pressure of the fluid in the system to an optimal degree, your hydraulic system must also have a relief valve. Without this part in your system, fluid pressure may go overboard, which could lead to severe problems with the system if not controlled. Finally, the hydraulics cycle is completed when the fluids reach the return line, which puts it back in the tank and will be pumped back again as soon as the next cycle starts.

If you are looking to change its fluids but don’t know which ones work best for your forklift, never hesitate to look at your model’s manual to find out what hydraulics fluid it uses.

Part 2: Common Problems and How to Fix it

Forklifts, like any other utility vehicles, need to be properly maintained for them to be used for years by the company. Throughout its life, however, issues will arise even if the equipment is maintained well.

Some of these problems arise from hydraulics systems within your forklifts. When symptoms of hydraulic problems arise, do not hesitate to check to see what kind of problem you may be dealing with. Here are a few common issues that could arise from hydraulics malfunction and how you can troubleshoot it:

•    Mast Drift – if your machine’s lift position is not aligned well after carrying a load, it may be because the hydraulics system cannot give the mast enough strength to carry it. If that’s the case, check to see if the cylinders for your hydraulics are leaked, and repair immediately.
•    Fluid Hose Leakage – the causes for these problems could either be gradual deterioration or improper hose fit to the system. In both cases, replacing them with more compatible hoses is the best course of action to take to fix it.
•    Suction Filters Problems – one major case within your system which should be fixed when detected is when suction filters get clogged and no longer work to remove unneeded substances from your fluids. For these types of fixes, professional help might be the best for you to solve these problems.

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