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Everything You Need to Know About Telescopic Forklifts

Most forklifts have the same typical appearance that you commonly associate the utility vehicle within that it looks like a car with forks in front of it. These forklifts are very useful in small areas to lift huge items from the ground, but not necessarily in huge spaces. These issues have led to the invention of the telescopic handler.

What are Telescopic Handlers?

Telescopic Handlers, also known as telehandlers or telescopic forklifts (whichever you may prefer), are forklifts that can do more than lifting huge carriages off the ground. In this equipment, the fork is not located in the front of the vehicle. Instead, it is located at the end of a retractable boom attached to the vehicle itself, allowing it to carry loads and lifting them higher than you could in normal forklifts.

This versatile equipment can be used in several ways by plants and other industries, which makes it a highly in-demand piece of equipment. Its telescopic boom can be fitted with more attachments other than a usual pallet fork. From platforms to lifting jibs, whatever your site needs, telehandlers can do it.

Its functions do not end from there, however, as this vehicle is capable of driving into all-terrain and platforms. This makes it very useful for jobs needing its high-reaching ability, like on construction sites.

Where can you see Telehandlers be used?

As said before, construction work can benefit from using telehandlers due to their ability to carry huge loads at very high places. This makes it very convenient for construction workers to move huge items like gravels or cement or carry themselves via platforms above tall sites and infrastructures.

Agricultural farms, particularly those yielding large produces, also use this equipment inside large barns to carry their livestock, hay bales, and heavy farm utilities like farm sacks and produces. 

You can also see these types of utility vehicles being used in cargo bays to carry shipments placed high and move them for convenience.

How can you maintain a Telehandler?

Much like any other equipment, utility vehicles, and pieces of machinery, telehandlers are prone to deteriorate on further use. The best way to make sure this equipment stays in use for a very long time is through proper maintenance and care.

You can do so by doing some necessary diagnoses before, while, and after operating the machine. Before operating the machine, make sure everything is orderly and in place, no leaks are noticeable and everything is free from major damages like deterioration or rusting. Testing to see if everything is working out well when the vehicle is started must also be done to observe possible issues if there are any.

Keep in mind that proper preventive measures can lead you away from less desirable outcomes. In this case, maintaining your equipment well could lead to fewer damages, costs, and most importantly, harmful effects to your staff that it may cause.

Where can you buy Telehandlers for your businesses?

There are lots of quality options for telehandlers in the market nowadays, but the best ones are those that know what you always need.

Luckily for you, Select Equipment is your go-to for all your telehandler needs!

Select Equipment is also home to the best deals on all utility vehicles and equipment available out there!

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